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npetiii Jacksonville Jaguars 339 — Jaguars fan
Mike DiRocco jól átlátható keret elemzése a piacnyitás előtt.
Tyler Eifert-et és/vagy James O’Shaughnessy-t nem kéne megtartani? Úgy rémlik, nem voltak rosszak, hozzá tudtak tenni a játékhoz. Ha megnézzük a maradék TE-eket akkor nem vagyok nyugodt...
James Robinson remélem marad (megfelelő összegért), most már viszonylag jó támadófalunk van, nem kéne gyengíteni a fr QB érkezése előtt. Ezt leszámítva nagy mozgás nem feltétlenül kell a támadóknál a draft előtt.
A védelem már összetettebb dolog. Csak abban bízom, hogy nem fizetünk túl senkit csak azért, mert több need is van a védelmen belül.

A draftot meg lehetne BPA alapon csinálni, azzal nem lövünk mellé 😊
Eifertnek nem hítuk le az opcióját, így FA. Szerintem igazolunk és korán draftolunk is TE-t(helló, Pat Freiermuth). James O’Shaughnessy-t remélem visszahozzunk, hasznos gyerek. Ls jó lenne, ha Josh Oliver is hadra fogható lenne, ha már egy korai 3. körös pick ment rá.
J-Robnak még 2 éve van a szerződéséből és utána is csak RFA lesz. Nem megy sehova. De mögé kéne majd egy speedster RB-t draftolni és/vagy igazolni.
A szövegkörnyezetből én úgy érzem, hogy Dioadam Cam Robinsonra gondolt, csak elírta. Én amúgy kicsit sem vagyok Cam Robinson fan, és remélem nem rakunk rá taget, kidobott pénz lenne, a szerződéshosszabbítás még inkább. Én minden erővel Trent Williamsre mennék rá.

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npetiii Jacksonville Jaguars 339 — Jaguars fan
Hiába, a remek itteni műhelymunka csak beért. 😊
És akkor Nathaniel Hackettet, T.J. Yeldont vagy Jaydon Mickenst még nem is említetted.

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npetiii Jacksonville Jaguars 339 — Jaguars fan
Teljesen vakon vagyok Urban Meyerrel kapcsolatban, viszont The Athleticen olvastam két cikket is róla a napokban. Bemásolom ezeket ide, hátha mást is érdekelhet:
"Why Urban Meyer coaching in the NFL is a bad idea

I first met Urban Meyer during his breakout undefeated 2004 season at Utah, shortly before he landed the Florida job. His first spring there, I traveled to Gainesville to write a story for Sports Illustrated about his new-fangled spread-option offense. He couldn’t have been more engaging and insightful with me, turning on tape and walking me through the fundamentals of the zone read and other concepts.

Fast forward to the fall of that year. Meyer’s first Florida team loses 31-3 to Alabama and 21-17 to LSU. His much-anticipated offense is struggling, giving fodder to the skeptics who said it would never work in the SEC. I call him on a Sunday morning after one of those losses, assuming he’ll talk with me the way he has in the past. Instead, I get a bunch of three-word answers. He sounds even more defeated than his team looked on the field. It’s like a completely different person picked up the phone.

It served as my first window into a man who takes losses harder than any coach I’ve ever encountered. Fortunately for him, he didn’t lose very often. He posted three 13-1 seasons at Florida, then went 83-9 in seven seasons at Ohio State. He achieved a ridiculous .853 winning percentage in 17 years as a college head coach.

But on the rare occasions his team did lose … oh boy. I was there when his 2006 Florida team suffered its only loss of the season at Auburn, after which he stood at the podium seemingly in a post-traumatic trance, barely able to look up. Ditto after his 2010 team got blown out in a Top 10 showdown at Alabama. It’s the same empty expression from the infamous “sad pizza” picture after Ohio State’s 2013 Big Ten title game loss to Michigan State.

More disturbingly, after his 2009 Florida team lost a 1 vs. 2 SEC championship game to Alabama, he was rushed to the hospital in the middle of the night after his wife Shelley called 911 saying her husband was suffering chest pains. It was later revealed he was having a severe anxiety attack. “I thought I was dying,” he told HBO Sports years later. “… Mentally, I was broke.”

All of which leads me to urge Meyer — check that, plead with him — to resist the temptation to take an NFL head-coaching job. For his own health’s sake. Because even the best NFL coach loses far more frequently than Meyer ever did in college.

ESPN’s Adam Schefter reported Sunday that “at least two NFL teams” have reached out to Meyer to gauge his interest, and Toledo Blade writer Kyle Rowland reported specifically he “has had exploratory discussions with intermediaries about the Jacksonville Jaguars job.” The latter makes a lot of sense given his relationship with owner Shad Kahn and the potential chance to coach presumptive No. 1 pick Trevor Lawrence. Like with any coach, the challenge of competing at the highest level can be incredibly alluring.

The 56-year-old Meyer has earned widespread acclaim as a television analyst for FOX Sports the past two seasons, but rumors of an eventual return to coaching have never subsided. Last year it was USC, but the school opted to retain Clay Helton. And it’s no secret Texas AD Chris Del Conte flirted with Meyer this season before ultimately being rebuffed. Del Conte issued a lukewarm vote of confidence for Tom Herman shortly after the Longhorns completed their regular season.

But questions about Meyer’s health hover over any potential return to coaching.

Last we saw him on a sideline, in 2018 at Ohio State, he was often seen bent over in pain from crippling headaches related to a brain cyst for which he had surgery in 2014. He “retired” for a second time at the end of that regular season. Well, technically it was his third retirement announcement. The first came weeks after that 2009 hospital visit, shortly before Florida’s trip to that year’s Sugar Bowl. Meyer reversed himself 24 hours later, coached for one more season (the worst of his career at 8-5), then stepped down again, citing burnout. Upon returning to take the Ohio State job a year later, Meyer pledged to his family to maintain more work-life balance.

Many have come to mock his “heart attack” (he was just scared of Nick Saban) and other health issues, but they’re real. And they’re all tied to one recurring facet of his coaching life: Stress. Which is why he should absolutely steer clear of the stress machine that is NFL coaching.

Some college coaches assume their NFL counterparts have it easier, mainly because they don’t have to recruit. It’s all ball, all the time. And there are more breaks built into a coach’s year to take vacation time, after the draft and mini-camps. Heck, Bill Belichick spends so much time in Nantucket he owns a compound there.

But the NFL is its own year-round grind, between months of draft prep, followed by free agency, then training camp, all leading into 16-plus weeks of endless film study and game-planning. With no 20-hour rule like college limiting the amount of time coaches can spend with players.

And then there’s the losing. So much losing. Even a “good” season for a team may still include five or six defeats. And the Jaguars are far from a good team. Trevor or no Trevor, the Jaguars, now 1-14, may well lose twice that many games next season as they begin their rebuild. Meyer has orchestrated quick turnarounds before, taking Bowling Green from 2-9 to 8-3 and Ohio State from 6-7 to 12-0, but building an NFL team can be a lot harder because there’s less within the coach’s control. He doesn’t have the autonomy of a college coach to build the roster in his own vision. He can’t woo potential free agents with cool social media graphics.

On paper, the University of Texas job made more sense than Jacksonville. There’s talent there already, on top of which he could stack up top-ranked recruiting classes. Whereas the NFL is a league built on parity, college is a sport where the Floridas, Ohio States and Texases start on third base. Of course the pressure is through the roof there, but the NFL is not exactly forgiving.

Meyer ought to take a cue from his good friend Bob Stoops, who retired from Oklahoma at age 56 and is now living his best life, wearing untucked shirts and hawking tequila. Meyer has a similar setup already, between his largely ceremonial athletic department job at Ohio State, his restaurant in suburban Columbus and the once-a-week jaunts to LA during the season for his TV duties. When Stoops got the coaching itch, he took a pressure-less, part-time job running an XFL team. There will be another XFL soon enough.

Perhaps more pertinently, though, Meyer may want to heed a cautionary tale from one of his primary coaching mentors. In 1976, Lou Holtz left NC State to become head coach of the rebuilding New York Jets. He ended up stepping down with one game left in a debut season that saw him go 3-10. “God did not put Lou Holtz on this earth to coach pro football,” he said, shortly before returning to college at Arkansas.

Only Urban Meyer can say whether Urban Meyer was put on this earth to coach NFL players, but his own personal history says it’s not a good idea. Not because he can’t win in the pros. More so because he’s definitely going to lose."

A másik egy hosszabb írás részlete, csak a Jaguarshoz érdekes részek:
"Urban Meyer to the NFL: Is he Pete Carroll or Bobby Petrino? Execs predict fits

Multiple teams have inquired about Urban Meyer’s interest in coaching at the pro level, according to ESPN’s Adam Schefter. League execs weigh in on the prospects.
Execs thought Meyer would fall closer to Carroll than Petrino on a continuum measuring success transitioning from college to the NFL. There is plenty of room between those extremes. Carroll has a 111-63-1 (.637) record in 11 seasons with the Seattle Seahawks after leaving USC. Petrino went 3-10 with the Atlanta Falcons in 2007, failing to last even one season after leaving Louisville. Meyer, out of coaching since leaving Ohio State following the 2018 season, had a 187-32 (.854) record in 17 seasons as a head coach at Ohio State, Florida, Utah and Bowling Green. He won at least 74 percent of his games at every stop. There’s a sense Meyer could be worth the risk for Jacksonville even though admiration for him was scarce.

Exec No. 1: “I love how it’s two teams with interest and not one. Does that reek of the agent? That is how this guy works. He has some kind of medical or family situation every time he needs to get out of a place. Having said that, he was the smartest coach at Ohio State, they loved him, he won a national championship. When he does his football breakdowns on video, he is phenomenal — very concise and a tremendous communicator. If you are Jacksonville, you get him and Trevor Lawrence, you sell out the stadium even if it’s the shits for three years, which they cannot otherwise do.”

Exec No. 2: “That would be disrespectful comparing it to Petrino because it’s two different personalities. Ideally, he is more in the Pete Carroll category. He has more structure than Pete. He is going to be more rigid.”

Exec No. 3: “Petrino is too extreme but it could be more toward that end. He’s been out for two years. How does he put together a staff? Matt Rhule went to Carolina and brought his whole staff. Urban Meyer cannot do that. And then some of the things that cropped up in the past — the Aaron Hernandez situation at Florida, the domestic-abuse situation with his assistant at Ohio State — you can be done in the current climate.”

Exec No. 4: “It smells like he just wants Trevor Lawrence. Good for him, and if I were to draft Lawrence, I would look for the best head coach. Maybe that is Urban. I’m not a huge fan — the stuff with Aaron Hernandez and the coach at Ohio State bother me — but there are people who have worked with him who swear by him.”

Exec No. 5: “He is very demanding of both the staff and the players. There would be a learning curve that you can’t handle everyone as demanding in the NFL. That is his challenge. Jimmy Johnson did it successfully 30 years ago. The other challenge Urban might have is going from being coach and GM at the college level to potentially having a lot less control in the NFL.”

There are three preferred landing spots for Meyer if he heads to the NFL.

Jacksonville Jaguars: Jacksonville is a one-hour drive from Gainesville, where Meyer won 81 percent of his games (65-15) as Florida’s head coach from 2005-10. The Gators are 81-44 (.648) since Meyer resigned, citing health and family concerns. The Jaguars have a league-worst 44-115 (.277) record over the same period. If Meyer could win in the NFL at a rate midway between his unusually high college percentage and the Jaguars’ unusually low pro percentage, he’d win about 57 percent of the time, which would rank among the NFL’s top 10 over any extended period. No guarantees there.

“I don’t think people have forgotten that run he had when he was at Florida,” an exec said. “From a fan outlook and creating buzz standpoint, he still has mass appeal in that region.”

Another exec was more blunt: “Would you rather have him or Doug Marrone?”

The Jaguars are in position to select consensus No. 1 quarterback Trevor Lawrence with the first pick in the draft. They own additional picks in almost every round. They’ll have more salary-cap flexibility than any team. Their owner, Shad Khan, has been patient.

“Urban Meyer to Jacksonville is kind of exciting,” another exec said. “Re-energize the fan base. It’s a good situation and there are places around there that are nice to live — Amelia Island. I think he could bring your whole organization up, not just the football team. He has that ability even if you don’t like him or think he’s a little phony.”

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npetiii Jacksonville Jaguars 339 — Jaguars fan
Az bravúros védekezés, amikor nyolc másodperc van az órán. Ajándékba adtuk a könnyebb mezőnygólt, szakadok. 😀

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npetiii Jacksonville Jaguars 339 — Jaguars fan
Már itt is van! 🤣

Amúgy van egy kis Blaine Sunshine Gabbert beütése. Vagy csak paranoiás vagyok? 😀

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npetiii Jacksonville Jaguars 339 — Jaguars fan
Az utolsó héten majd egy váratlan győzelemmel úgyis elrontjuk az 1/1-et, a másik lehetőség, hogy miénk marad az 1/1 és viszünk egy puntert, a harmadik pedig, hogy miénk marad az 1/1 és Lawrence nagyobb bust lesz, mint JaMarcus Russell. Több forgatókönyvet nem látok magam előtt.

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npetiii Jacksonville Jaguars 339 — Jaguars fan
Kocsog Norwell! Tudni kellene vesziteni.
igaz nem csinált semmit, de köcsögözzél nyugodtan........
Nem engedte felallni a vedojatekost. Erre ugrott a Ravens.
nevetséges vagy

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npetiii Jacksonville Jaguars 339 — Jaguars fan
Kocsog Norwell! Tudni kellene vesziteni.
igaz nem csinált semmit, de köcsögözzél nyugodtan........

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npetiii Jacksonville Jaguars 339 — Jaguars fan
Yannick nem is ünnepel, korrekt

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npetiii Jacksonville Jaguars 339 — Jaguars fan

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npetiii Jacksonville Jaguars 339 — Jaguars fan
Azzal jönni, hogy nem elég profit jön be egy olyan csapatnál, aminek az értéke 8 év alatt MEGTRIPLÁZÓDOTT annak ellenére, hogy a 2. legrosszabb mérleget produkálta az elmúlt 10 évben az NFL-ben, enyhén szólva arcátlanság. Az nem esett le nekik, hogy ha az ismétlem 1 azaz egy darab jó szezon az elmúlt 10 évben a szokottnál is sokkal nagyobb érdeklődést(=profitot) generált a helyiek körében. akkor talán inkább ennek a megismétlésére kéne fókuszálni ahelyett, mint ami az elmúlt 8 évben nálunk megy (hogy Húsrágó találó megjegyzését idézzem, évek óta szar van a medencében, de mi az eltávolítása helyett inkább kifestjük a bejáratot...)?
Rossz a példa.
Az hogy kifested a bejáratot, az alapvetően egy pozitív dolog.

Ebben az esetben feltételezzük hogy a dolog jót tesz majd a hazai jegyeladásoknak, a kurva sok utazás meg mágnesként vonzza majd a szabadügynököket is.
Ja nem.

Szerintem sokkal jobb példa az, hogy úszik a víztükrön a fostenger, Khan belemarkol, majd az ütött kopott és pergő bejárati ajtót szépen kikeni szarral, jó vastagon.
És közben azt mondja "Jólesz ez! Ávángárd gyerekek, ávángárd!"

Te meg az évektől megfásulva aztmondod jó, és megmeríted a tested a barna és meleg vízben, miközben próbálod szuggerálni magad, hogy ez bizony csak iszap...
Nekem nincs bajom a vízzel, de ha ti nem akartok medencézni, akkor nem kell... 😀

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npetiii Jacksonville Jaguars 339 — Jaguars fan
NFL Memesen láttam, meghaltam rajta 😀

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npetiii Jacksonville Jaguars 339 — Jaguars fan
Iktriadról egy live jöhetne most.

több mint 2 éve
npetiii Jacksonville Jaguars 339 — Jaguars fan

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npetiii Jacksonville Jaguars 339 — Jaguars fan
Én nagyon türelmes vagyok, de ez a meccs volt az utolsó csepp a pohárban, innentől annak szurkolok, hogy mindenki ki legyen rúgva, az összes edző, a GM, és ha lehet, akkor a tulajdonos is.
Gruden eddig minőségi javulás volt az elmúlt évek támadókoordinátoraihoz képest, de ez a mai brainfart, a futójáték teljes elhanyagolásával védhetetlen.
Wash egy méretes fasz, ezt régóta tudjuk, de új mélységeket ér el azzal, hogy továbbra sem tud semmit sem kitalálni arra, hogy legalább minimális nyomást helyezzünk az ellenfél irányítójára. Vagy megyünk négy emberrel, akik véletlenül sem érnek közel sem, vagy a fél csapatot blitzelni küldi negyedik kísérletnél. Én értem, hogy sok a fiatal és még annál is több a sérült, de a kreativitás teljes hiánya nem ezeken múlik.
A mai játékunkba egyébként a kicker teljesítmény szúrta bele a kést, a balfasz negyedik kísérletes wildcat passz is emiatt lett hívva. Így aztán Decamilis is bekaphatja, aki a 2017-es szezonban egész értelmesnek tűnt, voltak fake puntok, értelmezhető visszahordások, azóta meg semmi.
Egyedül Keenan McCardellt tartanám meg, aki szinte a semmiből épített vállalható receiver sort.
Marrone-t sajnálom, korrekt csávónak tűnik, de elegem van, nem korrekt emberekre, hanem normális HC-re van szükség.
Kicsit kiborultam, elnézést mindenkitől.

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npetiii Jacksonville Jaguars 339 — Jaguars fan
Ezt se sikerült befújni...
Még mit nem fújtak be nektek? Úgy állítod be, mintha a sporik kinyírtak volna benneteket, holott van két kérdéses dolog, aztán ezt piedesztálra emeled. Nem bírózni kell, hanem megkérdezni Lambótól, hogy mit akart az első félidő végén. Vagy ahogy Húsrágó is írja, miért nem blokkolták Clowneyt, ha már annyira megzavarta az irányítótokat. Vagy hogy a Jax D mit csinált a meccs nagy részében (hasonlóan a mienkhez).
Mindenesetre köszi a többieknek a korrektséget!
Bár nem én lettem megszólítva, de emlékszem két nevetséges DPI-re, mindkettő harmadik kísérletnél, az első a harmadik TD drive-otokban, a második pedig a meccsnyerő mezőnygólt hozó drive-ban. A meccs persze nem csak ezeken múlt, mielőtt még ki lenne forgatva a mondandóm, sok volt a hiba, ami egy ilyen fiatal csapatnál nem is meglepő. Én büszke vagyok a csapatomra, örülök, hogy végig meccsben voltunk, grat a Titansnek, a visszavágón remélem mi nyerünk. Most előre a Dolphins legyőzéséért.

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npetiii Jacksonville Jaguars 339 — Jaguars fan
Jaguars all-decade csapat az Athleticről (mivel fizetős oldal, csak idemásoltam a szöveget). A csapat idei teljesítménye miatti nyomorúságos állapotomban komoly gyomros volt ez a cikk. Nyilván végigszenvedtem a teljes évtizedet ezzel a csodás csapattal, de még így is őszintén rá tudtam csodálkozni, hogy mennyi szar játékosunk volt, ha a lent felsoroltak az elmúlt tíz év legjobbjai, különösen a támadósorban.
Pár gyors megjegyzés:
1. Blake Bortles az évtized irányítója nálunk, ami előre jelzi, hogy milyen acélos csapat várható. 😀
2. Az, hogy Jermey Parnell nevét ezúttal is elírja egy újságíró, az egy dolog, de hogy ő volt a második legjobb OT az elmúlt tíz évben a Jaguarsnál, az valami fájdalmasan kegyetlen, de mégis igaz.
3. Uche Nwaneri és A.J. Cann a guard párosunk, hát gratulálok mindenkinek, aki ehhez a szégyenhez asszisztált az elmúlt tíz évben.
4. Abry Jones DT poszton egy megemlítést legalább érdemelt volna, ahogy Sen'Derrick Markst is előbb jut eszembe méltatni, mint Terrance "Pot Roast" Knighton itt töltött idejét.
Kellemes szenvedést mindenkinek a listához. 😀

"The 2010s: Jacksonville Jaguars all-decade team isn’t entirely worth celebrating
Choosing an all-decade team for an NFL team is a difficult task, and even more so when you have a 10-year sample that isn’t entirely worth celebrating, as the 2010s have largely been for the Jacksonville Jaguars.

With only one playoff appearance and one year with a winning record (this year could still yield another), it’s natural to build that team around the 2017 Jaguars, who went 10-6 and won two playoff games, nearly upsetting the Patriots in the AFC Championship Game.

We’ve gone through both sides of the ball and selected the best at each position — sometimes, a dominating two or three years can outweigh the longevity of a five-year but average starter. We welcome your opinion and debate in the comments, as some of these selections weren’t easy at all.

QB: Blake Bortles (2014-18)

The third overall pick in the 2014 draft, Bortles had a five-year run that peaked with the 2017 playoff trip, on a team best-known for its young defense more than anything else. Bortles is now a backup with the Rams, but his run in Jacksonville is an easy call here — 103 touchdowns against 75 interceptions, with a great sophomore season that saw 35 touchdowns in 2015.

His 25-50 record with the Jaguars doesn’t look great, but it’s worlds ahead of Chad Henne (7-24) or Blaine Gabbert (5-23). His 17,646 passing yards is second only to Mark Brunell in franchise history. It’s wild to think the Jaguars won a playoff game (10-3 vs. Bills) in which their quarterback rushed for more yards (88) than he passed for (87). He took a step back last year, going 3-9 and managing just 13 touchdowns in 13 games, so the franchise moved on.

RB: Maurice Jones-Drew (2010-13), Leonard Fournette (2017-19)

MJD started with the Jaguars in 2006, but his best season came in 2011, leading the NFL in rushing with 1,606 yards and earning All-Pro honors in addition to a third consecutive Pro Bowl. In his four seasons in this decade, he rushed for 4,147 yards and 19 touchdowns, both franchise highs for this time span.

Fournette is just beginning to build on his career, and this season might be his best, as he’s on pace for 1,383 rushing yards and another 569 receiving for almost 2,000 yards of total offense. As a rookie in 2017, he was a big part of the Jaguars’ success, rushing for 1,040 yards and nine touchdowns. In a playoff win at Pittsburgh that year, he rushed for 109 yards and three touchdowns, going for another 76 and a score in the playoff loss at the Patriots.

WR: Allen Robinson (2014-17), Allen Hurns (2014-17)

The Allens had parallel careers in Jacksonville, shining as rookies in 2014 and then breaking out as sophomores for the only 1,000-yard seasons by Jaguars in the entire decade. Robinson led the NFL with 14 touchdowns and had 1,400 receiving yards in 2014; Hurns, undrafted out of Miami, had 10 scores and 1,031 as a solid No. 2. Their career numbers in Jacksonville are very close, with Robinson catching 202 for 2,848 yards and 22 scores and Hurns catching 189 for 2,669 and 21 scores.

These two didn’t have the sustained Jaguars run of Jimmy Smith (nine 1,000-yard seasons) and Keenan McCardell (four), but they were easily the best of this decade, with promising young D.J. Chark on course to get the team back to a 1,000-yard season this year.

TE: Marcedes Lewis (2010-17)

Lewis, a first-round pick in 2006, has had remarkable longevity to his career, and it’s he — not any receivers — who will finish as the Jaguars’ decade leader with 2,978 receiving yards and 26 touchdown receptions. He broke out with a Pro Bowl season in 2010, catching 10 touchdowns, and bounced back nicely during the team’s playoff season with a team-best five touchdown receptions. He’s still going at 35 with the Packers, but he’ll be best known for 12 productive years in Jacksonville.

OT: Eugene Monroe (2010-13), Jeremy Parnell (2015-18)

Offensive line is a weak area for the Jaguars, with nary a single Pro Bowl selection in this decade. Monroe, the eighth overall pick in 2010, had 49 starts in four seasons with the Jaguars before he was traded to the Ravens for draft picks; Parnell made $26 million in four years after signing as a free agent from the Cowboys. Those two, with four years as starters, still get the nod over Luke Joeckel, who was the No. 2 overall pick in 2013 and had just 39 starts.

OG: Uche Nwaneri (2010-13), A.J. Cann (2015-19)

Nwaneri missed only one game from 2008-13, primarily as a right guard, and Cann is doing much the same, missing only four total games in his five NFL seasons. Both mainly worked at right guard, but they’re easily better than the long list of left guards, so we’re picking the best linemen here rather than any specific positional loyalty.

C: Brandon Linder (2014-19)

Linder, too, has spent some time at right guard, but he’s in his sixth year as a starting lineman for the Jaguars, and his four years at center give him a close nod over Brad Meester, who was the starter from 2010-13. While there’s no more guaranteed money after this season, he’s under contract for another three years with the Jaguars.

DE: Yannick Ngakoue (2016-19) and Calais Campbell (2017-19)

There’s no bias toward recent players here — Ngakoue’s 35.5 sacks in fewer than four seasons are the most for the Jaguars in the decade, as is an impressive 13 forced fumbles (the next closest is six). He has had at least eight sacks in each of his first three seasons and was a Pro Bowl selection in 2017, breaking out with 12.5 sacks. A steal to be drafted in the third round, he’ll get very expensive if Jacksonville wants to keep him beyond this season.

Campbell was certainly expensive when Jacksonville signed him as part of a massive free-agent splurge in 2017, but Campbell lived up to the big contract. After never hitting double-digit sacks in his first nine years in the NFL, he went off for 14.5 for the Jaguars in 2017, earning Pro Bowl and All-Pro honors in helping lead their playoff push. He’s active against the run as well. These two get the nod over Jeremy Mincey (20 sacks in 40 games) and former first-round pick Dante Fowler (14 sacks in 39 games).

DT: Tyson Alualu (2010-16) and Malik Jackson (2016-18)

There are good options to choose from here — Alualu was drafted 10th overall and stayed for seven seasons, starting 88 games. He overlapped one year with Jackson, who signed a massive free-agent contract and only played half of it, earning $45 million in three years. Jackson made the Pro Bowl in 2017 — eight sacks, four forced fumbles — and had 19 sacks in his three years in Jacksonville. Those two earn the nod over Roy Miller (50 starts) and Terrance Knighton (33 starts).

LB: Paul Posluszny (2011-17), Telvin Smith (2014-19), Myles Jack (2016-19)

Posluszny is perhaps the easiest choice on the team, leading the Jaguars for the decade in both tackles (816) and interceptions (11). He made the Pro Bowl in 2013 and finished a seven-year run in Jacksonville on their playoff team. The Jaguars are missing Smith this year, but he was another Pro Bowl part of that 2017 defense. He’s right behind Posluszny in tackles (587) and interceptions (nine), including three returned for touchdowns.

The third linebacker spot is a little harder to decide — we went with another young, emerging player in Jack, who has just 53 starts in Jacksonville but has already piled up 285 tackles. He gets the nod over Daryl Smith, a lock for a 2000s all-decade team who played only two seasons in this decade, and Russell Allen (2010-13).

CB: Jalen Ramsey (2016-19) and A.J. Bouye (2017-19)

Ramsey is gone now, of course, leaving a haul of draft picks that will help the franchise much the same way he did. Ramsey was an All-Pro and Pro Bowler at the center of Jacksonville’s brash young defense in 2017 and had nine interceptions in three-plus seasons. There aren’t many NFL players who can command more than two first-rounders in a trade, but Ramsey has shown he’s one of them.

Bouye was another expensive addition in 2017 who made the Pro Bowl — he had interceptions in each of two playoff games for the Texans the year before, setting up a free-agent payday. Bouye has eight interceptions in just 39 games in Jacksonville and is the easy choice here opposite Ramsey.

S: Tashaun Gipson (2016-18) and Johnathan Cyprien (2013-16)

Tough calls here — tons of guys with limited time in Jacksonville, spending two or three years as starters without much in the way of league accolades. We start with Gipson, another key part of the 2017 defense with four interceptions that season. It’s tempting here to go with yet another 2017 defensive back in Barry Church, who also had four picks that year but only spent two years in Jacksonville. Instead, we’ll go with Cyprien, who had four consecutive 100-tackle seasons for the Jaguars in quieter years.

P: Bryan Anger (2012-15)

Are we picking punters? Hey, sure, let’s pick a punter. Anger has spent his entire career being the punter who was drafted ahead of Russell Wilson, which isn’t his fault. As part of some really bad Jaguars teams, he punted a TON — 360 punts in four years — and averaged 46.8 yards per punt, easily the best in franchise history. He went to the Bucs and had their best season ever by a punter and now he’s punting well for the Texans.

K: Josh Lambo (2017-19)

Lambo is only in his third season in Jacksonville, but he’s underappreciated — 24-for-25 on field goals this year, and hitting 94 percent while with the Jaguars, including 7-for-8 on kicks from 50 yards and beyond. That gives him the nod over Josh Scobee, who held the job from 2004-14 but wasn’t quite as good in this decade, hitting 85 percent of his field goals.

KR Marqise Lee (2014-19) and PR Rashad Greene (2015-18)

Again, not a huge amount of options to choose from here. Lee had the only kickoff return for a touchdown in the entire decade — a 100-yarder in a 2016 loss to the Texans, so he gets the nod here. Of the four Jaguars to return punts for touchdowns in the 2010s (bar-bet answer on other three: Jaydon Mickens, Mike Thomas, Dede Westbrook), Greene has the best career average at 10.9 yards.

Coach: Doug Marrone (2016-19)

If you pick a coach, it’s a little telling that the clear winner is 20-25 with the Jaguars in this decade. The 2017 team trumps anything else in the 2010s, so Marrone is the easy choice. Your other options: Gus Bradley (14-48), Mike Mularkey (2-14), interim Mel Tucker (2-3) and the last year and a half of Jack del Rio (11-16). Marrone has two playoff wins with a franchise that has only one other since 2000."

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npetiii Jacksonville Jaguars 339 — Jaguars fan
Amúgy welcome back Maka! 😊
Read only-ban nyomom, de mindennapos vagyok erre. 😊

Egyébként kicsit az az érzésem, hogy rámegyünk szezon elején a running & defense gameplanre, hogy szedjünk némi önbizalmat Blake-nek, ami amúgy marha jól hangzik, ha nem lenne elit a WR corpse.
Bírom az elkapóinkat, de ez akkor is nagyon vicces elírás. 😀

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npetiii Jacksonville Jaguars 339 — Jaguars fan
A legszebb karácsonyi ajándék címszavakban:
2. Ráadásul mindezt értelmezhető játékkal.
3. Bortles 300 passzolt yard felett mégis megvan a W.
4. Ezzel egyidejűleg Bortles az NFL történetének első olyan játékosa, aki 300 yard felett passzolt és elkapott TD-je is volt.
5. A passzt egyébként Lee adta, majd jött Ramsey int return TD-je.
6. Jó eséllyel tönkretettük az egyik csoportrivális szezonját, aminek - kövezzetek meg - én simán tudok örülni (itt nem Mariota sérülésére gondolok, azt rohadtul sajnálom).
7. Borsot törtünk egy nem kedvelt ex-HC-nk orra alá.
8. Kicsit sem érdekel most, hogy Marrone nyakunkon ragadásának esélyei mennyivel nőttek meg, mert egész évben azt vártam, hogy így játszunk majd. A tehetség ott van a csapatban, mégis csak az első héten a Packers ellen és most láttam ebből bármit.
+1 Aki kihagyta, pótolja, király lesz (leszámítva Ivory fumble-problémáit és hogy Myers továbbra is vakon van extra pont távolságból).
Duplán örülhetsz, mert így Karácsony estéjén a Titans szurkolók maguk alatt vannak a tönkretett szezon miatt, sőt triplán örülhetsz, mert Mariota sérülése még keserűbbé teszi az estét mind a csoportrivális, mind a szurkolók számára.

Egyébként kívánok neked is boldog karácsonyi ünnepeket!
Sajnálom, hogy értelmezési gondjaid akadnak. Mariota sérülését nagyon sajnálom, hogy egy csoportriválist vertünk azt nem. Nem a Titans topicba mentem ezzel trollkodni, úgyhogy erre az ironizálásra semmi szükség.
Szóval sajnálod, húúú nagyvonalú vagy velem. 😊 De örülsz, nem igaz? Ritka egy rosszindulatú ember vagy, nem vitás.
Fogalmam sincsen, hogy mi a bajod, de azért megpróbálom leírni harmadszor is a dolgot, hátha megérted. Tudod a Jaguars egyik csoportriválisa a Titans. Ezen a meccsen nekünk már mindegy volt, hogy mi történik, de a Titans még küzdött a rájátszásért. Ezzel a vereséggel viszont nehéz helyzetbe került a Tennessee, a mi rémes szezonunk pedig legalább kapott annyi értelmet, hogy kicsit beleszóltunk a csoport alakulásába azzal, hogy megvertünk egy olyan riválist, akinek ez kötelező győzelemnek tűnt. Ha az efelett érzett örömöm miatt rosszindulatú vagyok azzal együtt tudok élni, nem mentem oda örömködni a Titans topicba, leírtam, hogy sajnálom Mariotát, te pedig idejössz parasztkodni, ahelyett, hogy méltósággal viselnéd a vereséget. Kicsit nyugodj meg, nincs semmi baj, gyengék voltatok, veszítettetek, ennyi.

Szerkesztette: npetiii

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npetiii Jacksonville Jaguars 339 — Jaguars fan
Nehéz most mit mondani, de ezerszer inkább így kapjunk ki, mint, hogy bucira verjenek bennünket. Grat a csapatnak!